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Are you wondering how to handle problems related with keys and locks? You'll find the best tips here

Lock the windows upstairs

Windows on top floors must have excellent locks but they must also remain secured at all times. People have a habit to leave windows upstairs open to air bedrooms but anyone could climb a ladder to gain access through the window. Also trim nearby tree branches.

Make the life of intruders difficult

Your house must look unreachable. Give the impression to perpetrators that they'll need cutting edge equipment and hours to get into your home. This is the best way to discourage them. Lock change, security systems and many lights all over the garden are a must.

Don’t force your key if it won’t turn

Never force your key to turn as the pressure can result in the key breaking inside the lock. If your key refuses to turn, it may be due to excess use. In situations like this, you may need to have your keys cut so it can properly fit into your lock.

Lubricate exterior door locks in the fall to protect them from freezing.

Clean the locks first. You can use compressed air for the keyway and a non-corrosive cleaner for the external components. Get specially formulated graphite powder lubricant. Set the nozzle inside the keyway and fill it with the compound until it starts coming out. Then apply a bit of lubricant on both sides of the key, insert it and turn it several times.

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