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Should I carry with me the duplicated house key?

It's always wise to have an extra key for your house but avoid putting it in the same spot as the original key. If one is stolen, you'll have the second one. Though, check first that the key replacement enters the lock alright.

Does lock lubrication fix problems?

When you lubricate the door locks, the key will turn easier and smoother. That's the only problem it solves. Lubrication will actually remove grime and will oil the mechanical inner parts of the lock. It will clean the keyway from dirt and dust but it won't solve other problems.

Why do security locks develop so fast?

Security locks develop fast because they follow the needs of people in certain societies. When crime rates are high, homeowners want advanced and door locks and high tech systems. They want new technologies, which are not known to burglars yet and assurance that their homes will remain secure. So, changes are unavoidable and indeed necessary.

What does lock lubrication involve?

nsert the lubricant’s nozzle into the keyway and squeeze the tube until a bit of the compound comes out. Then insert the key and turn it several times.

I got locked out of my car. Can I break in without damaging my car?

Unlocking a car takes skill, experience and the right locksmith tools. An auto locksmith would know what action to take with your specific car. Not all models can be unlocked with the same tools or methods. A 99' Ford isn't a 2015 Toyota. Don't risk the damage and contact a professional to handle the job for you.

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