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5 Situations Calling for New Car Keys

5 Situations Calling for New Car Keys
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If you already have a spare set made, this list may even tempt you into having a third. If you don't have any spare sets at all, we hope this list will convince you to sort that out right away. Having new car keys made can seem like an unnecessary hassle, but the truth is, you’ll wish you did if any of these situations befall you.

It's no longer excessively expensive or time consuming, even if you use modern transponder keys as opposed to the traditional manual ones. Here’s the list of events you don't want to experience without a spare.

1. Your manual key snaps in the hole

5 Situations Calling for New Car KeysKeys are made from metal the vast majority of the cases. Metal rusts, and locks become more and more stiff over time. So the older your key, the more likely it’s going to snap at some point. If you have a spare, this will not be such a big issue. If you don’t, an auto lockout will feel like the end of the world.

2. You lose your manual or transponder key

No matter what type of key you have, either is perfectly capable of dropping down a drain, the back of a sofa or getting lost in the middle of a huge field. Lost ignition keys mean no car. But with a spare set tucked away somewhere safe, you can be as clumsy with your first pair as you wish.

3. You are burgled and your car is stolen for a joy ride

This might seem a little farfetched, but it only has to happen once for you to realize how realistic and painful it actually is. Most of the time the key is lost, even if the car is found. So having a spare would mean you have a chance of getting the car back in working order the same day it is found. 

4. You go swimming and your electronic key is submerged

Nearly everyone will have experienced leaving an electrical device in their pockets when taking a swim. If your remote car keys get wet, they are likely to take damage and might stop working all together. An easy mistake to make that can have majorly frustrating consequences.

5. Teenage drivers

All the above points are quite likely to happen to fully grown adults from time to time. So imagine how much more likely situations like this are with teenage drivers. If your household has young drivers in it, it's pretty imperative you have their keys copied and stored in a safe place. It's only a matter of time before bad luck, or sheer complacency strike and you're dealing with a key locked in the car situation, or worse.

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